The Exhilaration of Working Out

A few years ago God encouraged me to work out.  At first I power walked with my dogs and did my best to get myself to LA Fitness.  That didn’t last very long, so I quit, but later rejoined.  Not every fitness center works for everyone, and as it turned out, LA Fitness was not the right one for me so I didn’t have it in me to stick with it.  Then I joined Planet Fitness and Planet Fitness was the one for me.

This blog isn’t to get you to join Planet Fitness but to share the feelings of joy, accomplishment and exhilaration I feel every time I go there.  I’m continually challenging myself to go farther (do more reps), and to not give up. I also watch other people to see what they’re doing to get ideas for myself, and sometimes God will speak to me while I’m working out.

There were days I’d have to really push myself to go and once there I’d have to pray for endurance and strength to keep going.  I’ve had a few days when I just couldn’t do it anymore and I had to be kind to myself and give myself a break knowing I’ll come back tomorrow and do what I couldn’t do that day.

I’ve learned to do my best, to think positive thoughts, to remember how great I feel while I’m exercising and when I’m done, and to be quick to deny any negative thoughts.  We can be our own worst enemy or we can be our best friend encouraging and challenging ourselves.

Unfortunately, with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) a lot of things aren’t opened so I went to Walmart and bought a big mat, and my husband showed me how to do sit ups and every time I go a little farther.  I’m amazed at myself that I’m doing 3 reps of 15. I also lift weights, and work on my legs using a soccer ball.  All in all, I’m enjoying exercising at home and looking forward to going back to Planet Fitness.