Minnesota a State That Comes Together During the Good and the Bad

I’m very fortunate to be a Christian and a real estate agent living in
Minnesota as well as a member of Living Acts Church in Champlin. This
post isn’t about Christianity, it’s about the many awesome people in
Minnesota that come together to help each other during the good and
the bad. You meet them at the grocery store, at the drug store,
at Walmart, on Facebook and other sites where people come together
and try to make the best out of tough situations, and most have
smiles on their faces. Lets face it, Minnesota is one of the many
states that are trying to make the best out of things, and to
help each other.

This is about the men down at the Gospel Mission who are doing
their best to survive. I know this because several of us from
church have brought food and other necessities there approximately
twice a month to help serve in any way we can, I thank God who
was leading us.

These could be considered hard times, but if we look around us,
we’ll see some people having it harder then we’re having it.
However, watch out for those that are taking advantage of these
hard times, you see them mostly on the busy corners. I used to
always carry a five dollar bill on me to give to someone like
that until I learned the truth. However, the thought just came
to me that maybe that person needs my $5.00 bill more then I do.
You just never know.

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buying a home and/or selling your home please give me a call
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