My buddies, Harley, Joey and Thor

My passions are God first and foremost, and my buddies, Harley, Joey and Thor of which I’m known for talking about them all frequently. God created dogs and cats as companions for us humans.

Harley was an amazing dog particularly because of how big he was, so he drew a lot of people to him.. When we moved into our current home in Coon Rapids a few years ago, Harley wasn’t doing very well particularly because of his age which had weakened his legs. God is an awesome God who loves animals as well as humans, so I prayed asking God to give him one more year so he could enjoy the fenced in back yard which gave him the freedom to roam and/or just lay in the sun. By this time, walks were too hard for him and at one point Harley’s legs seem to give out on him. When that happened and he just laid around and slept, my husband and I decided it would be best for him to be put to sleep. However, right after I made the appointment with the Humane Society, Harley got up and started walking around with ease. That was God’s first miracle.

After that, Harley got a big cyst in his mouth that began bleeding while we were at the vets, so I went home and sent out a prayer request to everyone. Within 3 days, Harley was healed of the cyst. A few months later, Harley lost his hearing. Harley’s ears had been a problem almost from the beginning, and he needed medication inserted into his ears daily, so when he lost his hearing I was sad for him, but not surprised. I’m a soprano and every morning I sing praises to the Lord and Harley would get up and come and sit by me and listen. It would bring tears to my eyes that he could hear me sing because of high my voice was. Eventually, Harley had to be put down, I was the one who was with him and he went as soon as the shot was injected.  It was very hard for both my husband and me, but God had answered my prayers and gave him extra time to enjoy our back yard, etc. The next day our church group went to St. Paul to provide a meal and other necessities for the homeless. While we were holding hands and I was silently grieving, God told me not to cry because Harley was with him.

We adopted Joey before we lost Harley, and Joey was 5 months old with a huge scar down his back. Joey was terrified of everyone, and was very mean to Harley.  Because of Harley, I was ready to take Joey back to the human society even though it was breaking my heart to even think about doing that, but God said no; he said get the prayers going, and leave him to me. It brings tears to my eyes when I think about how God saved Joey, and how awesome, happy, loving and sweet Joey is now.  Joey has become my best friend and companion.  We seem to understand each other.

Thor also came from the humane society and has always been very healthy emotionally . Thor and Joey really get into some serious playing where I’ve had to intervene because Thor gets carried away. A short time after Thor came to live with us he got very sick. Both times I held him close to me and prayed for his healing, and he recovered very quickly because God answered my prayers. I believe God loves animals just as much as he loves humans. Because of God’s intervention, Joey and Thor are normal, loving and happy dogs.